Sweet New Found Joy (Justifide)

Well, the people have been searchin' before God sent his son knockin' at the front door Bringin', bringin' hope and happiness to all He said, follow me and I will be you'll see The one that will give you love for eternity Now all you got to do is believe in me Sweet new found joy, the love he gave to you and me Sweet new found joy, that's what I have inside of me Well, we're livin' it up, we're givin' it up, we're breakin' it down We're breakin' it up, now choose what side your playin' on We got to stand up for what we believe We got to end all this negativity, yeah So where is all the love anymore? Where is the open hand from next door? Don't you see what we're missing The love of Jesus, oh, yes we need?