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Turnaround (Pride of Lions)

Turnaround, my love blind lady Turnaround, don't walk so fast Now and then, we've all gone crazy And traded love for a thrill that couldn't last Turnaround and feel the good times See the man who brought you comfort through your pain Close your eyes, and see that first night Taste the kiss that swept your heart away Though he vows to you the Earth and stars Broken promises won't get you far Turnaround, turn, turnaround We have all been fools to circumstance While our love still has a fighting chance Turnaround, turn, turnaround Turnaround, it's far from over Turnaround and just believe You can cry here on my shoulder A heart can heal when you wear it on your sleeve He's rehearsed those lies 'til they sound true To a thousand others just like you Turnaround, turn, turnaround We can learn from this and come back strong Got to rescue your love before it's gone Turnaround, turn, turnaround See the one who loves you I place no one above you It's not too late to turn, turnaround Turnaround, I'm still your baby (Turnaround, turnaround) Turnaround, I was such a fool (Baby, just turnaround) I can see between a teardrop (You gotta just turnaround) Turnaround, he's just not you (This thrill can't last) Turnaround, he never loved me (You gotta turnaround) Turnaround, it's you I need (You gotta believe) Now I know I was born to love you (We've still got a fighting chance) Turnaround, I still believe