In The Winelight (Elling Kurt)

In the wine light, livin' lovin's soft delights Smooth and mellow, feelin' how we move so right We're lettin' the time go, and takin' it nice and slow. In the wine light, lazyin' through this all night flight Higher and higher, baby, touchin' you with second sight We're over the rainbow, it's time to let it flow Baby, you're my lover, no other I'd ask to stay And make a hideaway with me. Dreaming in Burgundy Lookin' out the window at the universe's starry array, we can say "Everything's OK, you see" as long as you're here with me We can leave the world or make it go. We can lose it in the undertow If you say it's true, then we can push it away As long as you stay Whatever you say Please, baby, just stay And let this wine light, colour every look tonight Feel the love grow, and let our spirits reunite We never will let go, until we overflow