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Where Are You, My Love? (Elling Kurt)

Where is your heart, my love? I can’t believe you’ would forget I haven’t finished with love yet And I’m wondering where, where can you be? I still see your smile in my memories and photographs Pictures of hand holding laughter I guess there’s more that you're after But you're teaching my songs to cry Making love with you was easy, it was a thrill And I guess that’s how it goes, hearts break every day I just thought you’d go just a bit more gently And I hoped you’d pick up the telephone if I called My angel, where can you be? You have flown out Out of time, out of love, out of my arms Leaving me with a heart full of empty So where baby, where are you? And now, starting now and my whole life through Must I go on just pretending, where is my happy ending? All I wanted to play from long ago was your true love Romeo I need you baby, but darling where, baby, where are you? Where are you? Where is the dream we started?