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Apologies I Have One (Apologies, I Have None)

I see the need for reminders burnt into the back of your eyelids - ‘Don’t get caught up and caught out by time’. You can’t blame distance when a lack of respect and resolve is the culprit and I know you don’t have that many angles to cover that much of the time. Have you got someplace you’d rather be? Is there something more pressing at hand? Well you’ve got your excuses, “it wasn’t me, it was the fault of my memory and I’m sorry” but this apology it benefits no one, least of all the wretch of a man from who this apology came from. It doesn’t. Has every step you taken since not been heavier? Has every breath you taken in not seemed coarse and unrefined? Has every sense not been dulled and eroded, every problem been amplified? You can forget this but you can’t leave it behind.