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Ancesta (Midnite)

Ah ah Song to I ancesta You had to be the highest of the irates of Jah Jah Depending on his teaching to survive ya Ah not as no teck no out of no mummy shell But as a living body beat a dwell Living body beat a dwell Ahh to talk straight to talk barriers to break And from there in trod out of irates They are the most respected of men pirates to tempt a soul jahs faith To insist that the weak heart break Quake, gangster and politicians on the take Ducks on the lake ducks from shot too late Robbery by concentrate, mongrel within them of hate Patience shallow of late, eight notes on the octave, ah A song to I ancesta You had to be the highest of the irates of Jah Jah Ah depending on his teachings to survive ya Ah a chu Babylon you you neva ovas african divinity yet And none that neva ovas earth livity yet can eva conquer Rastafari Rastafari conquer death, and mek the earth forget, a who that wept Africa the whole world bread basket Ah Rastafari bus them bet The highest of a livity we a the ragaist of yet Wash and oil and grow and set No fret as the healthy strive brow of a sweat Aye all the pope and them rum fet Ah Rasta ketch and notch and latch and tek set Vampire masaka Kapil rasaka Selassie sen out a fleet a word sound warrior Jah Aye I nya bun fire bread basket Writer of India Veda Guatama Buddha Worship of the woman abomination and her dragon Futuristic of a Adam cad man Away from the firmament intention And so I say to mi ancestor you see I neva You see I neva I neva destroy no more first ways of nature First words of nature, pure world wind around the earth As a spore new insects and trees that the hurricane bore Jah balance earth life once more Ah running from them own come through door Come mek I and I live together And if you neva plan to vamp and shout out imbalance Them no talk so sah Rastafari Build the future Ah sing to I ancestor