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Delirium Tremens (Protector)

Turning faces - an unreal rotating world Slow movements - a fast and rumbling breath Hairy spiders crawl up and down your veins Hot winds - in the arctic night Delirium tremens Self destruction One way of lost hope Roaches creep out of your ears Worse than your darkest fears Coloured dots - block up the once so good sight No pain - the body feel s numb and shakes Fata Morgana - cars turn to cows and kids into apes Delirium tremens Self destruction One way of lost hope Funny visions - caressing the empty brain Revelations - a new messiah has been born The mountains break The stones come down A helpless feeling is gripping the halfeaten mind Panic spreads The brain commands But it's attempts to rule the body is doomed to fail Vomiting bile - now here it is the end of the road Last breath - the upshot? 5:OO to death! Storms howl - the truth is that there is no wind Insane thoughts - what is realand what is phantasy?