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Kain And Abel (Protector)

The mace dropped and crushed Abel's head He died fast and got lost amongst the dead Kain laughed loud: "I rule over sin!" God asked him: "Where is Abel, Kain?" Repeat 1st verse "What is he asking for? Think he knows it all! Ha! Our almighty god tries my tortured soul! You favoured the sacrifice of my brother Abel Why did you do this to me? I wanted to be your son! The smoke of Abel's fire rose up to the sky My hate was burning strong - my brother better than me? Can you read my thoughts? I don't care if you do..." Kain shook his head, "He deserved what he got!" The blood on his hands, it was still hot Repeat the foregoing verse He laughed again and scornful said to the creator: "I am good, but Abel was a bloody traitor!" God burned a sign into Kain's brow He smiled and his voice was hollow Kain raised his fist against heaven "My number is 666, not 777!" God had failed with his friendliness While Kain held a black mass Kain was banned and spat on his brother's grave God's nasty love - noone wants to be his slave On his way to Nod, Kain burned churches - Hanged the Priests He screamed out: "I'm a servant to the Beast!" Repeat the foregoing verse Now Kain's heritage lives on forever God despairs, Kain was much too clever God realizes that his reign is over So he turns his back to the world and it collapses in Fire and blood