Quasimodo (Protector)

Finally it's over, a hard week of work He's coming home, the telephone rings It's his best friend, it's time for a party So let's move and have some fun What an orgy, music is good Alcohol is fleeding, half-dead neighbours Chaos - sex Booze - women But all this girls are killing hisprick Blonde, brown, red: "We don't want your dick!" Slowly his body is starting to change A hump on his back, his face is deformed Panic on the party, he's chasing the girls Years of abstinence... Too much for a man! He's howling out: "All I want is sex!" All he wants is pussy, is that to much? Running aimless through the streets Up the steeple crying loud: "No cunt - no tits No screw - no love!" No girls want him, is this life? Breakneck leap, flying free!