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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Rainbows (Wilson Dennis)

Rainbows shining on my shoulders Ooh sunshine warming up my day Birds sing and in the air the sound of spring And in the wind the flowers bring Their presents to the day Earth opens up its arms for me When you get the feelin' The feelin' everything's all right alright And I want you to know I love you I love you so Night and day People love to have a good time They're dancing in the golden light It'll get you feelin' fine Ooh honey hold me I want to feel you close to me I want to know the funky things You mean everything to me Love I really want to be with you I don't have a reason I could never tell you why I know But I do Hon I love you I love you so Night and day Every dance Come on baby come on Don't miss our chance Oh let it shine on you Oh let the sun shine shine shine Let it shine