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Foreign (Earthsuit)

Here comes the curve, things have changed from what they were I don't know what to think, every time you speak is sounding more absurd Can't process what I've heard, and no, I'm not just saying this I'd like to talk it out but now we speak in different languages So let these worries stop; I can't be what I'm not You've got me on the wrong side of the road, now let me swap Well, I guess that you and me were never really meant to be And that's alright, we tried, we chalk it up to life and say goodbye There's no place in your world for me I've been from sea to shining sea And I can't retain your policies, excuse me If I'm just hanging around I'm foreign Sometimes I feel like I'm in China, man, stir fried in a frying pan Like a tyrant man has got me by the throat and now I'm dying, man Just want to fly again, high and then sound the siren And later when I try and land I'll be far from your China land So don't worry about me, I'll be down by the sea Finally a peaceful individual, I'll send you back residuals Visuals of my rituals, I'd rather you not be miserable But then again I'm remembering, to you I'm just invisible Would you believe if I said I couldn't make it In a doubtful world that would rather have me fake it I'm sinking in a sea of unknown faces Like a drone, like a drone, like a drone