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Whitehorse (Earthsuit)

Searching high... With a yellow soul I dig for ashes... In a sea of gold Drifting low... My yellow soul I'll live on air... If the clouds will hold Jesus riding on a white horse Hero calling from the sky Jesus riding on a Whitehorse with spare room for you and I to fly Riding on a Whitehorse high Sail high on the ocean sky Searching high... With a yellow soul There's no tommorow... In the days of old Falling low... My yellow soul It's sad to burn... Left in the cold Wanna ride wanna ride so high Sail up to the ocean sky Wandering around Waiting to be found When I get caught up in the same old, Same old I rest my head to wake up same old, Same old I go to the rock with my One Time shot I listen for the sound... Of a Whitehorse walking on the sky