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Transmutation (MDFMK)

I wasn't sure if I could go that far But I never thought that I'd crash so hard Come undone, fall apart I didn't realize what I'd found But it hit me right when I hit the ground Screamed at me without a sound Straight lie to say I'm surprised Just totally stunned, paralyzed Emotionless, hypnotized Something inside of my head Got way too good at being bad Way too good at being bad In place of hope there should be fear There's signs and signals everywhere Transmutated information Transmutating the equation World is alluding, illusion is ruling You are denied here Transmutation is consuming Transmutate No clue what exactly occurred But the vision's fogged And the memory's blurred I'm hearing things I've never heard Don't know how long it's been But something new crawls under my skin Something strange creeping in Shape shift of a punished mind Another broken heart beating overtime Intertwined serpentine Full force, accelerate Don't hesitate Get away Gotta get away