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Moonlight Affair (Silent Circle)

Moonlight affair, Moonlight affair... Was it love at first sight, Or was it destiny? But since the first time with you I really know there's another one When all the world is asleep I want to be with you It ain't worth a single doubt Maybe I know it cannot last for long Moonlight affair, I can feel your heartbeat Moonlight affair, I'm just walking round and round Moonlight affair, (Forever together) I can feel your heartbeat (Close to me) Moonlight affair, (Forever together) I'm just walking round and round And I walk by your side, I long for your embrace, Don't want to leave you tonight And in your eyes I see the endless space But soon the moment will break And you'll be gone away I don't like to hesitate I feel your hand, We know it's not too late It's no love affair, go on dreaming Nothing left to share but the moon It's no love affair when we're leaving Nothing left to share when you're gone