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Bedtime Stories (Judge Dread)

I was kneeling by the bed and praying She said, "come love and get undressed" I sad I'm praying for guidance She said, "Pray for stripping, I'll do the rest" So I told her a bedtime story About the first time I got laid: As I ran down the stairs, she cried after me: "You bleeder, you ain't paid!" As a young man I couldn't get many girls Because of the size of my wood I had to keep my shirt on And give them as much as I could! So I told her a bedtime story Of my non-religious rod And how I was an unbeliever She said, "you don't believe in . . . ohh god! So I'll tell you a bedtime story One night I was asleep And the girl said, "get up quickly, I can hear the stairs creek" She said "get out, it's my husband And I was half way out the door When I realised it couldn't be I was married, to her, before