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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Cafetorium (Anathallo)

You were baptized by a dollop from a cool whip bowl (Finger flung) Sulfer water, holy water from the drinking fountain of the high school Cafeteria Among the great cloud when Margie whispered "Amen" Bulletins slapped back at the heat to move the moist dead air I was still unborn, but I have heard the first hand And Jack says that the body of love And the hearts thereof can be baptized in the beads of their own sweat Salt rings like the outlined shroud on the tomb of your skin We saw it on the vhs The building stood erect The march and the singing tongues processed The crucifix cut from Styrofoam swung flung over your shoulder Raining golden glitter from the glue-gun boarder We thought about the easy yoke My mind, my heart, choked,