Cuckoo Spitting Blood (Anathallo)

Oh, night set on when I fell down In the corner of the field. Cuckoo, I too sang, Spit the blood of welling thougohts. Waking with a hundred grains. Salt stains ringing 'round my legs. I could not face you. Since I don't know my father, I won't be a son. In morning when words rise up Like the echo of a stone axe, Some demon in me wants to rise up And walk away. When I am alone in the day. At night when I am going without clothes I see your knees where I would sit, The purple chair, Golden trim hedged 'round. I hid myself underneath my father With the robes of a son. In the morning when words rose up Like the echo of a stone axe. Some demon in me crawled out And ran away. I remember when I took the gifts Asking you for everything, Throw your name in the well. I sink, and sink. Sink.