Hanasakajijii (One: The Angry Neighbor) (Anathallo)

I, of wicked deeds, snarling mouth, Wandered away. Wandered by. I passed your house, had seen a mountain. The riches. A metal taste in my mouth for The riches. Asked a question, took the dog To the yard, and where he snarled I dug, pulling out the bites of snakes! And slugs and bugs and slugs and bugs And slugs and blah! I dug, pulling out the broken rake. Tar, shingles, knives with duller blades. I took the wood, Split it into two, Made a bed for him. Laid it in a line. I dug, I rubbed, A spark! A flame! A sun born, waiting for the body. Turn the embers, glowing. And I could feel the eyes that hang Above the fence, Between the cracks. The knowledge of the death, the death, Uncovered where I buried it. But he just kept pulling it out So I killed him.