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And Our War Will Dawn (Conducting From The Grave)

Since the dawn of time It's been told that the path of the righteous will lead us to glory And through our convictions we're born anew With the blood of our foes stained on our hands The seas will flow red when the pale moon rises And our war will dawn, with it's blood-lust quenched And we'll bring damnation Forged by our darkened hearts They bear false witness to our righteousness in all The broken gods we claim, Our destruction reigns as golden idols fall forged by our darkened hearts the broken gods we claim, Left on the battlefield, Cadavers lay impaled And in the midst of corruption the birth of gods Shall lay waste to foundations And every city shall fall Burning cities will fall to the ground and every city shall fall burning cities will fall to the ground and return to the ash that once sustained them The skies will send down Acidic rains and ash storms And our war will end With no man left standing And our war will dawn With it's blood-lust quenched And every city shall burn and fall Destroyed to ash And our war will end With no man left standing and the just shall be smitten in genocides