What Monsters We Have Become (pt. 1) (Conducting From The Grave)

In all my endeavors, observing weakness within this world i have seen amassed decaying ideals crumbling before the storm where, destined to be ripped apart by its greed and emptiness this age has seen its days only to be consumed by the souls of man lives lead to brave the lines of impurities and wickedness and those who have been lost shall remain astray cast out and branded left to drown in an ocean of liars in endless tides a chance no one will take to change the fate of which their bound on time we will surely seethe end where all will face apart into the sea i witnessed so many failures built by the architects of misshapen dreamers and beggars bluntly nailed to crosses of their own design lost between the translations praying to be of the less deserving of the fate the were given bestowed by our judgments in time we will surely see the end where all will fall apart into the sea severed into nations then built on empires we have lost to be renewed to define self righteous in our ignorance and we feed on plagues as we fall unto our doom and the age shall come to pass when we're no longer given breath and then nothing shall see what monsters we have become