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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Falling Down (Ground Zero)

Falling down, down, down Falling away I'm all on my own now Hanging off the edge of my life I'm all alone No one to hold when I feel sad No one to protect me when I've been bad I'm falling away Ohhhhhh Falling down, down, down Falling away Falling down My life slipping away I'm falling down I'm falling into the dark My life fading away No reason for me to go this way Staring down I see A black hole going down and down A never ending land that i never knew about That I can't see Then i look up and i see What is gonna happen to me Can't someone come and save me Don't let me fall away Don't let me fall down Away from the breathing Away from the beating hearts Away from the living I breathe deep and cry out Someone just grab my hand Save my life Help me through another day Save me from this life I'm falling down, down, down Falling away x1 My life turning away Save me I'm falling down, down, down I'm falling away