Game Of Shadows (Ground Zero)

It was all just a game to you I guess you didn't really know Uh oh-oh-oh It was just all a game Until it got a little to messy A little to bad A little too bloody It was all just fun and games Until all the shadows came Took your life And left me stranded sitting alone Frightened and scared Didn't know what would happen next Not until the next move was made It was like a human board game It was all just fun and games Until all the shadows came I wonder how long they were watching us Getting ready to pounce on are souls I guess I could just say we were playing The game The game of shadows Ohhhhh Everything was all right Until the shadows arrived Everything seemed so normal Like there was another day ahead Everything was alright But instead they came and stabbed your soul Left me crying on the floor I couldn't do much more Uh oh ooh uh oh (Chorus) We were both so young And now I know you as the living dead Ohhhhh Even when we were playing that mad game I felt so uncomfortable Like there was eyes watching my neck I guess I just got lucky I guess I wasn't meant to go that way You went right in front of my eyes Now I'm scarred for life Replaying that image over and over in my head I still can't believe you're dead I'm too scared to live anymore Uh ohhhhh (Chorus) x1