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Pack Of Lies (Ground Zero)

Look in to my eyes All you see is fright I'm so scared I can hear you coming A whirlwind full of lies And the way you're heading I'm not escaping this alive Everytime I ask you as question I get an answer but is it the truth If it ain't I don't even want to know Cause I'm pretty sure you feed me a pack of lies Lies, lies, lies Oh You feed me a pack of lies You've come to pull me over I've put up with to many lies When you start talking I just don't listen I start walking You have told to many lies (Pack of lies) Lies (Pack of lies) There's still a chance for me To stay in this world for eternity Why won't you come and save me Did you care about me at all Or was it just a pack of lies Was it all just lies Words go round and round my head Filled with all the things you've said to me Once you said you loved me But I can't trust those words no more I need evidence that you were being serious (Chorus) You've used up all your excuses The truth is coming out You don't know what to say You've got yourself in a situation I don't even want to know anymore All you ever do is tell me lies All I ever hear are lies, lies, lies You're always telling me a pack lies (Lies) It's all just a pack of lies (lies) It's all just a pack of lies (lies) It's all just a pack of lies