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Healing Rain (Hoffsten Louise)

You were both a stranger And a friend I can see that now at Our road's end I saw you, you saw me But we saw love differently And I never was one to pretend I thought time would change things And you tried I know now how much you Had to hide I used a thousand words I knew you never heard What I tried to tell you when I cried Now I'm alone And only the passing of days Can wash away these tears of pain And may they flow Til all the hurt slowly fades Til all that remains In a healing rain Sometimes love is blind to Who we are Sometimes in a dream we See to far I set my sights to high I tried to touch love's sky And when I fell the ground was hard I watched you go And only my heart can explain These tears of pain, my tears of pain Someday I know Something of love will remain I just hope and pray For a healing rain Time will show That only love can remain I hope and pray For a healing rain I hope and pray For a healing rain