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I Don't Care (JRDN)

[Chorus:] I don't care Girl I don't care I don't care what you do out there I'll be better all by myself Its best I should leave I'm through hurting Girl I don't care You can save the tears cause I won't change my mind And you can say you're sorry but it won't work this time I thought that we would last forever Jokes on me should have known better Woah. I hope he breaks your heart without a reason why I gave you all of me and you left me to die So I'm moving on to something better Its my time it's now or never Woah, no Oh no [Chorus] How can you say it, "Baby please forgive me" When I was down on one knee you turned your back on me Now look who's doing all the begging Sounds real good but to the left I'm heading Woah. Now when you realize you really miss me remember I'm the one you said you didn't need so go back to your new found loser I'm with her, meet my new future Woah. 'cause she is mine [Chorus]