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Bridge (Grae Jean)

See I can be the bridge that takes you home Or I can be he wind that makes you moan Depending how you treat me baby See I can be the beacon, brings you light Or I can be blacker, colder than midnight So how you gonna see me baby Now either you can go on and choose me Or baby you're gon' go on and lose me Cause I can be, I can be, I can be, I can be, I can be, I can be, I can be, I can be If I could be blatant with, well, what I gotta say about you and I is, What I gotta do to not see it Kevin Smith way, You know, View Askew, babe Give it to me straighter than a hetero, I'll pay for petrol, We can go riding through the metro (polis) Put it together because separate causes, misunderstanding, watch Metropolis That's like us, see together we marvelous Hard as the city of the concrete gardens Split it up, inserts the margins, you get confusion, the words lose purpose The mark and the target, the arc and the aim like a dart just miss position If I can explain the way we need to go and where we gonna go, I can do it just like this Listen I guess this is the infamous, "What is this really? " conversation Man I hate as a miss is this it's me bringing it up Predictable dating But you won't, I've been waiting, I wouldn't bother, wouldn't have the patience It would be the aphid in the room, wasted breath, but I think you're amazing. That being said (dot, dot, dot) Love the way the bed rock non-stop Love the time we spend, chill, eat, shop Even iller the days we pretend we wanna be at our own spots But then you knock, knock, knock But yet still not confirming lock, I need to know or else just get dropped, Get canned, get blocked, Got plans, or not? The way you think is appealing I, Like the feeling of thinking of you Like to know that you're thinking of me Like the feeling of being us, two Might reveal how I'm feeling too much Might be feeling the fear, we do rush Fight the feeling to flee, to lose us Type to reel in the scenes and lose trust Slice the dealings and leave, abuse lust Cuts and bruises, I see you lose love But you chose to redeem it, who does? Fuck the blues and the demons, choose one Human to humor cupid with some "cue in the music cupid shit" Come Lose the race in the shoes that you run Fuse the pace of the two into one [Hook]