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Fadeout (Grae Jean)

Someday when I see you, be with you again Can't believe how I miss you, I'm there til the end Demetrius I had to say something My brain is stained with you I don't even think I can explain how much I miss you Your tears frame the page my fate is outlined in chalk The other day I freaked on the street when someone walked like you walked It took a second not to think it was you And everything crashed down I don't understand why god picks who he's gonna snatch out Before you hit the ground I hope you passed out I wish I could run up in heaven with gats, find you, and blast us out I couldn't you brother, I heard he's with your grandmother I spent two weeks on 411 trying to find the phone number I didn't go to your wake Got the call to late And after I found out I spent a month in my room and never open the drapes I didn't get to say goodbye - it's not fair Hope you had fun in Miami, it seemed like you were meant to be there My family talked about you often I can't think of you in a coffin Pardon the random thoughts When I speak of you I get lost in memories The intensity of losing you is like 1000 degrees in the desert With no sight of water or trees I dream of an oasis, seen you in a hundred faces Hear you in music, pic you partying in different places Like your favorite I guess, sometimes it snows in April Your fate will never be forgiven, I'm cursing' every religion My heart is always with you And anyone that I love will have to know A part of me can't go to them 'Cause it's above.. I miss you