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Fuckery Level 3000 (Grae Jean)

Dr. Manhattan, tatted atom circa tabaca-ing goer Circle tobacco ring blower I'll murk you black. Get sewn up My work is black I got diplomas in the back That are bursting over the sack that I hold em in Cause its folder was folding over I know what they been told ya But since I'm going in again, it's like drop and bend over Over and over, with no lube Get that veteran in embedded in yo stools Yokels, locals Slow cruise to yo demise, know it in the vocals I got no couth, no lies; I'm dedicated, focused Opposite of Bette Davis oculars, waiting for the apocalypse Strapped with a cape in case I get popular, so I can drop it, bitch The clock ticks. Y'all concerned with crotch sticks I'm concerned with moxie, Take your Oxycontin, and your rocks I'm The Great Gatsby initials, the Casebasket epistle The last greatest apostle, the baddest damie The combination of Gladys Knight and Pips in one place And a Robert Blake fan I'll keep you in a basement While chained to a day bed With the door blocked with a Maytag And at four o'clock I'll let snakes in And stand in the door sipping a tall boy Coors light and giggle in your face then Sociopath, with a golden flask And I'll fill with it gasoline to throw at yo ass And then fill it up back again with some of your pieces Your liver, your back, your face a bit of your penis Double hands with a W Better do whatever you can to cover you Jean Lang came to clubber you Pain, whatcha gonna do Fuckery level 3000, in jeans and a green blouse With a crimson stain from a beat down At a business meeting in a tea lounge Like "nah I'm cool, please sit down Proceed" bleeding out The whole team freaking out, text-ing each other under the table I'm office space calm, I offer face palms Comma face balm for after on my dot com; I'm basically batshit You basic bastard I never pace it I crave action, I transform like I'll save y'all But then I stay Ratchet I'll bash your face in the baseboards of a burning building With the passion of a pastor passing plates and getting back millions Dash in a race and abandon smashing the tape at the last second Then beckon to children on the sidelines who'd all step in and start blasting Bach, Sebastian, or Rachmaninoff or Handel playing When I'm candle lighting and man handling I'm saying, I'm classy Dokken and Sebastian Bach blaring When I'm mass murdering turned to decibels Certain to drown the tears, it's nasty On the Pulaski bridge, trunk full up with the shotgun, shotgun Tongue dripping with vodka, dripping on my lap on a map of Alaska In October, in a black dress and blasting Frank Zappa The consummate top assassin The consulate tracking after And flipping the birds to diplomats out the whip With an Andy Richter mask on Cause I passed on getting a sidekick Cause everybody ain't ready to die for this I'll drive on dialysis, I'll drive over your dialysis And keep in mind that I don't even drive; I like challenges Roseannadanna fan, fan of Dan from Roseanne but not a fan of Prozac And I don't care how you find them Wanna know what I'm like, fine then I'll like fine men, smart men, where the f**k do you find them No, seriously, I'm actually asking you where can find them I'm into crime and environments that you cry in I don't imply it, I vividly give you my end You'll think I'm lying 'til shivering in a lion's den In an abandoned zoo naked covered with flies and Strapped to Kobe beef steaks Ya don't believe me, for Pete's sake Man, what the f**k do I have do to convince you I'm the Freeway villain Kiefer Sutherland I love when people suffering It feels like I'm on reefer when they're blubbering I'm serious I'm FCC's damn problem, and At best Tsidi's man problems I guess could be the one thing I wanna work on I'm glad that we're getting this work done Guess i would have never thought to talk, but who knew Getting this out could be cool We should totally do this next week You're good you You look testy