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Kill Screen (Grae Jean)

This is rebel shit Mojave rock Got polyglots, who'll molly whop you til yo body pop I'm never sick, when my temperature drop, it's 7 up 105.6 hell, praise the rock I ain't a savior, just your neighbor like amazing Peter Minus the spider bite, the webs, the aunt and uncle neither But save the reasoning, the need to tuck the dynamite To even up the nonbelievers Man humble season was cool, sure But now I'm seeing North Shore faces, are y'all sure Well turn around and walk four paces I'll walk forth five, y'all 86'ed in all cases I'm the figure 8 sideways, always, ageless Y'all in the club aimless, blind, spades shit My time and space mix, record a rhyme on spaceships You way behind like you caught a ride on a slave ship I'm the modern anomaly, brazen Amelie, faceless Representing the basement, raised up, cage less Limitless, reminiscent of rapists Boundaries? Got none, rock, paper, shotgun Achtung, baby not an A.D.D 80's baby I'm not from Rated G catering eras, I was the type of New Yorker Rhyming at night in the park and hiding a knife in hair and Even though mama was careful, I would be fighting so often Finding the light in dark, was time and just life in the mirror Reflection infinite, Escher In the end We r who we r uhhh