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Love Song (Grae Jean)

She grew up believing in passion and love Whose folks divorced and remarried Very naive Seen life and committments that shoulda been dead and buried Highly sentimental Sensitive Gentle beyond the point she should be What might be obvious to most, she says they too bitter Can't see the world the way she does Clean lungs, undamaged liver Sees thugs through a pink-tinted glasses Occasionally Weed does make her giggle Listen to some music closer Dudes approach her Lightly Want to be her lover and she obliges Likes to cuddle under the covers by candlelit fires Oblivious to lying schemes to talk her out of clothes Says she's just in love with love Cuts her classes Spending too much time entrancing romancing Things are changing quickly She's asking "why aren't you spending more time with me?" Nigga's eyes are getting shifty Coming over later smelling of pussy On his face, jeans, and sweaters something's fishy And it's not what he tells her, man, it's what he don't And she don't understand and for some years, she probly won't Just wants an honest man For goodness sake They backstabbing and cutting her throat Restraining orders follow, but she still optomistic about it Like annie, thinking tomorrow will maybe be a better day I let her pray on bended knees "ask him to send prince charming, please" She's never cheated Treats her man well Cooks, cleans, dresses sexy for him Halter tops and tight jeans Would break the law for him Go through a couple of these relationships Still stays strong She's too young and dumb to call it quits Learns that she carrying twice Scared and afraid the first time The second she don't even cry Makes her wipe away his tears and it hurts They always leave return crazy, so she doesn't flirt Spends time warning the babies Goes through a couple of these relationships and still stays strong Too young and dumb to call it quits Its still a love song She's got a good man She's 19, he's 21 and sweet and honest Promised to love her Talk of marriage She would never want to be somebody's baby's mother Use rubbers occasionally When she's flowing Open to all the affection and gifts and all the good manners he's showing He's trying to build a life for himself Studies late computer shit and she's missing attention that she's not getting Sex dwindles Crawling in the sheets He say "ya tired" and she say she feel "neglect and defeat" Just doesn't see his ambition She want to be the universe and hold his center position Starts hanging round the best friend more Crazy attraction takes impultive action Drop the drawers And falls in love The world explodes And she confesses "yeah I did it, so?" They so tight it like he moves when she stretches Over the couple years Too many stresses Girls who want to fight her Bitches writing letters Friendships disappearing Plus he rhymes, so it's competitive Pressure miscarriage They break up fifty times a week and make up just as much He fuckin', and I know, but pretending I'm out of touch It's getting strained and gets physical She cries until the river dries and leaves her dead and cold Packs up her things and leaves behind what I thought was gold was only gold-plated Thinking of all the other ones I coulda just left and up and dated Singled after four years Starting over never easy But it takes some time to realize your own worth Come into your own Play your mental rebirth She starts penning some better poems Straighten up her bank account Likes to take herself out I'm getting better at it I've had a few relationships But still too young and dumb enough to call it quits It's still a love song Love All I ever want is you All I ever had, leading in my life was you All that ever was, all I ever had Maybe it's easier to talk about this shit in third person Learning better Wooking pa nub in all the wrong places Like I'm Eddie Murphy Curse me to repeat the same cycle I'm breaking No longer think relations make a better woman Just for life, I'm pursuing Growing, but hopelessly romantic still Tasted weather in the bitter climates Love the sunshine better Dreaming of dream proposals Decent moral values placing higher on my chart Trying not to have a shallow heart But battle scars are deep and reaching to the depth of hell and back Try to give up the grudges Think it's experience and move from the clutches of sadness It's difficult Sometimes I wish I wasn't an adult Adolescent primetime sitcom star I've been too far and too much, too hard, for too long It's still a love song