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How The West Was Won (Sheb Wooley)

They came with Bible fist and gun And they fought until the job was done The winning of the West (Promised land the land of plenty rich in gold Here came dreamers with Bible fist and gun Bound for land across the plains their wagons rolled Hell bent for leather that's how the West was won) (Stride by stride they tamed the savage prairie land Nothing stopped them no wind nor rain nor sun Side by side these pioneers from every land All pulled together that's how the West was won) And they sang of the day when they would rest their boots In a land where the still waters flow Where the dreams of a man and wife could put down roots And their love and the seeds of love would grow (And grow and grow) (Dream by dream they built a nation from this land Forged in freedom for every mother's son Here it is the beautiful the promised land We won't forget them and how the West was won)