Indian Maiden (Sheb Wooley)

Now way up in the Oklahoma hills Mid the white oak trees and the daffodils Lived the prettiest Indian maid I ever saw She was the great grand daughter of Geronimo And her maw was the tribe of the Navajo I thought I'd like to have her for my squaw I got to know this Indian miss And then se about to steal me a kiss She was just as sweet as the mornin' dew We got out under that Indian moon And then we really started to spoon Cause she was a romancin' little Sioux Mmmm I love my Indian ma ay ed Oh I wish I could of stayed I said uh honey I love you She said Pete I love you too I'll never forget my little Indian maid Then along came a chief and seventeen braves And they started out a diggin' a grave And I said who's that for and the chief said you Well they kept on diggin' and diggin' away And I turned to the chief and again I say Is that sure enough for me and the chief said ugh I said now Chief I'll marry your daughter But first I gotta have a drink of water I think I'll run down to the river and get me a drink I told White Dove to kiss me quick And I started out runnin' through them sticks And I tore my pants and my rawhide underwear I kept on runnin' I was afraid to walk Cause here come the chief with his tommyhawk And I was sailin' over them cactus just like a bird My boots wore out and I'm all scratched up And no cowboy should have such luck Excuse me folks I better get back to the herd I love my Indian ma ay ed Mmmm I wish I could of stayed I wanta go back to see but the chief's still after me I'll never forget my little Indian maid