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Da Streets Ain't Right (Kris Kross)

[Notorious B.I.G. sample x2] It's the ones that smoke blunts wit cha See ya picture Now they wanna grab the guns and come and get cha [Chorus:] Niggas in da street ain't right Every other day I keep strugglin' to keep my life And I never know when I gotta go, so I stay strapped Cause niggas they don't know how to act [Mack Daddy:] It's Monday night and I'm out Chillin' with my girl, top down 500 SL pumpin' some sounds Now me I'm in Versace from my head to toe Lookin' for a place to go So I can spend my dough I found a spot, jumped out My girl was hot, no doubt And that was all I heard these bustas talkin' about Now I ain't payin' no attention to this high school skit And I ain't even tryin' to fight over this here dip I kept walkin', but all they did was follow Tryin' to flex Talkin' about ym girls titties And the jewels around my neck Now I can feel a confrontation bout to jump on off And I can see these little bustas Tryin' to play me for soft I heard "stick up, stick up, get down and don't look up Nigga give me all your money and your jewels cause you're stuck" I said "What?" Fightin' back hit my mind But it's a waste of time cause I ain't got my nine And these... [Chorus x2] [Daddy Mack:] Now I done did all this work So I can be the man Fresh to def, twenty grand in a black sedan Not knowin' I done had some homies watchin' Steady clockin', plottin' to put da drop on me Cause I'm flossin', hit the streets left and right Sittin' swoll, lookin' for me a party that's tight I heard somebody yell "112" that's the spot So I hit the parking lot Not thinkin' of gettin' got Cause it's mack, players, pimps, and dips everywhere But niggas don't know how to act and they don't care I heard "freeze" from these four niggas That I knew, that I knew from back in grade school I said "What's up?" He said "What's up?" It's on Give it all up and then he showed me his chrome I said "Homes, you ain't even gots to trip Cause I ain't even tryin' to die over materialistics" [Chorus x2]