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I Missed the Bus (Kris Kross)

Oh Oh I missed the bus..(Oh).. I missed the bus.. I missed the bus..(Oh).. I missed the bus.. [Verse 1] I went to bed late but I didn't think late would AFFECT ME Early came around then late wouldn't LET ME Wake up - WAKE UP - so I can get dressed I guess my body was mad 'cause I gave it no rest And when I finally did awake it was a quarter to 8:00 Jumped in the shower and I know I was late Stepped out put on my jeans and my uni' And said to myself if I miss school I'm ruined But I ran down hill and I RUSHED RUSHED I ran down the hill TRYIN TO CATCH THE BUS Now I'm hopin to myself everything is cool Standin on my block like a fool But (1) I'm all alone and (2) the bus is gone (3) if I miss school this weekend I'll be at home Can somebody come real fast to my rescue I'm stuck at the crib and I don't know what to do [Chorus: repeat 2x] I missed the bus (ohh) I missed the bus I missed the bus (ohh) And that is somethin I will never ever ever do again [Verse 2] I was up - HE WAS UP - but I laid back down Thinkin I could chill 'til the time came around And I did - HE DID - but a little too long Cause when I woke up yo the bus was gone I almost broke my neck, tryin to get out the door And I chased the bus 'til my feet was sore On the trail - THE TAIL - but I couldn't catch up I guess it must have been my day for me to have bad luck Cause I lost my lunch money, book bag busted Scuffed up my sneakers and I'm really disgusted And when I got to school it was the same old thing Stepped in the class and the school bell rang It was nothin I could do, I tried to explain But the teacher treated me like I was playin a game YOU LOSE YOU LOSE - the day was a no win I learned to never miss my bus again [Chorus]