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It's a Shame (Kris Kross)

[Chris Smith] Hey yo, here's a real scoop, homie loc Them fools around my way gettin' high off gunsmoke And I ain't talkin' about the high like Indo The kind of high that make you call your kin folks And tell loc, Johnny's dead A fourteen-year-old kid put a nine to his head All because he wanted that gear he was sportin' Gimme that, while you're at it, gimme them Jordans Johnny tried to jet, homie wasn't hearin' that Johnny tried to run and got gatted in the back Now tell me what happens to the way life used to me? 'Cuz in this game, there'll be no future, G When will all of y'all learn That if you're playin' with fire too long, you're bound to get burned This ain't a small thing I'm addressin' It's a big thing, take it from the daddy as a lesson [Hook] Shame, it's a shame Shame, it's a shame It's a shame, it's a shame alright Shame, it's a shame Shame, it's a... [Chris Kelly] It's a shame the way this thing goes down How one lay you down just to show he don't play around He goes to sleep with a head full of anger And wakes up involved in a child's gang banger I'm talkin' about a-tisket, a-tasket (a-tisket, a-tasket) Not knowing next day he'll be laying in a casket So what you think of that, son? In the arcade, they playing the games ain't fun (yeah) Something like Pac-Man Same name but the game as you put it in the sack and Running to the next board And gat down the fools standing in the way of the door There's no board and no points And in this game, then he saw Pac-Man wants The game that goes for always blowing Then you'll slip up and they'll smoke you [Hook] Shame, it's a shame Shame, it's a shame It's a shame, it's a shame alright Shame, it's a shame Shame, it's a shame [Chris Kelly] None of this exists with the word peace (peace, brother) You gotta do more than two fingers, man, please Get a game that they gotta go by Instead of "watch out quick, I'll send him to the sky" Theere ain't nothin' to be playin' with So listen what I give and what I be sayin', kid Take it from a kid's point of view 'Cause on my way to school, I'll be watching you [Chris Smith] Big, big daddy in his caddy with all of his boys It only had weeks, it's a joy That's the first part, second part has having hard But when you get count, you know how to restart You gotta know how to watch your back (watch your back) 'Cause if you're slack, huh, you're going in the sack (yeah) I advise y'all all watch out for the game 'Cause the game ain't nothin' but a... [Hook]