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Shadowland (Eclipse)

In the arms of shadow my power is growing I'm a half-god I'm crossing the threshold of portal I've arrived again be ware Serviled fans of rotting pride Soon my destination will be reached The dethronization of coronated master of this land I'm comforter of deceased and tameless enemy of those who live I cast a curse in those people who lament in the twilight And the morning they dream about fame Again I'm mounting on flamed steedbr To steal into the deadly moonlight to conquer the new worlds To inundate them with my filthy hordes And my delightful dreams came true No, it's not a heresy, this is a twisted reality Only I can create the vision so real That fear for closing eye-lids like plaque will touch human's breed I want to hear screams of terror and lamentable whimpering When hellish desire will woke up in the dreams Sand of time displacing slowly, in the hour-glass of infinity Secret places are still waiting for me Scattered in the abyss of mind