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The Stream Of Scarlet Tear (Eclipse)

Fast wind is whistling over the field And the evening blood is flowing This is an echo from a bottom of a legend When no bird had sung behind the window I knew - the ancient evil has revived I must leave fear before I split in the face of death Oh, damned demonic warlock I will snatch the spear from your fist - the fire I will tear off the night from your neck - your coat And whirling clouds were flowing in the sky, that sky was alive I could swear, that I'd heard suppressed whispers coming up from above And the sky has fallen on me with despair Oh, damned demonic warlock You are the conjurer of words, the charlatan of feelings Let the wind sow your bones like seeds I must go, breathe in the breeze of anger Nevertheless ... You don't have to search for the gloom Looking through the twisted paths It's already here, the embodiment of impurity He's looking at me in silence And he's scenting my blood, and my fear Possessed with pain and rage I'm burning with rage, I'm screaming in pain It's time to blind the shadows It's time to blow off the spectres