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Versuvia (Eclipse)

Help me fall asleep my dear Hold me in your soft arms Kiss me so gentle And full of admiration kiss Your scarf had been woven by witches When you were covering your lovers With a cobweb stealing a kiss from death Don't say a word... I can't remember That night... I want to forget When you and your brother-shadow In total silence in the midst of snakes As solace in pain You were born with wail of stars The tumult of the battle was fading And anger set in my veins When by the power of your commandments You woke me up Now my blood is blended with wine My fist is tightened by wild passion Enough of fear Enough of despair Enough of sorrow! Enough of stupefaction Enough of bending your head You can hear the lament of the dying I will raise Versuvia's sword The geyser of hatred will explode It will spit the juice of its guts out Ulcerated foetus of my thoughts My rotten daydream Angry grimace on my face Death slips on it Cursing its own pride Biting its lips in pain Oh, my priestess I've got the ocean of fire around It's my forest of hope burning