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The Camera Eye (Corgan Billy)

Listen, listen: This is mark I cannot place This is the wish I dare not leave Time uncovers what is keeping still I unaware move against my will Simon says, "pass on by" Passions wane, stragglers weep Hungers fight For the camera eye Hold me so I'll never let you go Stay with me for a while (while I sleep) Momma squeeze Grace my spine Walk on thru the camera eye Listen, listen: This is the name I cannot speak This is the flame I dare not douse Here, things are We'll never get that far Close enough to die a time or two or three Stretch my skin Restless gods Maybe turn my heart of hearts Deposit change in the camera eye Who needs pain to survive? I need pain TO CHANGE MY LIFE In gentle myths and turning leaves we all come to bury truth Honey choose my wet dream A naked soul just has to grieve If I bleed, the camera cries No one doubts the camera eye Move fast forward thru the camera eye Move fast forward thru the camera eye The camera eye The camera eye