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Can I (Kendricks Eddie)

Can I, have a talk with you? (humph yeah) Can I, make a dream come true? And can, whoa can I, be in love with you? (Here's why I need to know.) Cause I would if I could (Let your mind relax,lay your head on my heart.) Can I, set your soul on fire? Oh baby, And Can I, Can I, Can I, Can I, Be your one desire? ooooh, Can I, Can I Be in love with you? I would, if I could (whoa ho ho ho) Maybe you are lonely and just haven't realized, that I'm lonely too, and will bring happiness to you Yes, I would. Can I, Can I, Can I, Can I, Can I, Can I,Can I, Can I See me, feel me, touch me (oooh hoo hoo Baby) Yeah...Yeah,Yeah, Yeah, Yeah See me, feel me, touch me (oooh hooo hooo, Baby) Yeah, girl it's you that sends my whole world a spinnin' For you I'd make a change, I'm steadily givin". Yeah, yeah Oh baby, Can I (oooh hoo, Oh baby,Baby yeah, uum humm oooh hoo hoo, oooh hoo hooo ooh Baby, Oh yeah, humph oooh hooo hooo, hooo, hooo,oooh, oooh, ooh, hooo oooh yeah, yeah, oooh, hoo,hoo (Baby lay your head on my heart, Just let me talk to ya.) yeah huumm ummph (For once in my life, tomorrow came today So don't...please, don't...let it slip ...slip away.)aaah...