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6 (Elijah Blake)

My feet couldn’t reach the pedals So my father got on his knees He used his hands to press the pedals At the bottom of the Hammond B3 Six years old and I lied about the school grades I told my mama that my daddy already reprimanded me And when my father found out he beat me with a belt of leather Until my arms bled open and it caused my back to bleed So as a growing young man I act like a six year old I act like a little ass boy And I’m protective of all my toys Cause they’re the only things that never judge me That’s why I act like a six year old Full of imagination and wonder, Still afraid of falling under Six years old and I’m staring at a movie screen In a dark sanctuary shaking watching image of the beast Repeated nightmares can’t even sleep at 23 Thanks a lot dad now I’m stuck with fuckin PTSD Now my relationships suffer and I can’t live a normal life But your philosophies daddy said its alright to scare off to Christ So when I’m selfish and needy or I act like a spoiled brat Just trying to function normally with a mother playing mom or dad I always felt like the world hated me although I do my best Like I’m the only best friend people kinda wish they never had Six years old I’m a little ass boy And I’m protective of my toys They’re the only things that never judge me I’m a six year old full of imagination I’m protective of my toys cause they never judge me Because they never judge me And I’m still afraid of going under (Yeah)