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Fading (Elijah Blake)

She's got no soul but still young minded Yeah she's got a habit for drinking and driving She pour it up, her tears are falling down Looking for love but no one stays around The worlds on fire, it's so cold right now In her head, in her bed She told her mama don't worry, papa don't preach She only need knowledge to help her get sleep Throw some syrup in the red cup Watch she blowing on that cannabis She's just fading away She's just fading away Sleep with that purple by her side Now she's seeing strobe light Her last man did her wrong And he left her mind gone She's just fading away Till she's gone like a memory He's gonna go broke from selling dreams Before she overdosed off of his amphetamine Feeling none of the things that she felt before Wonder what will it be like at times she never thought .. asking questions so deep Six feet under but can't rest in peace And they calling out for her but she's out of reach Nobody wants to .., that's already been .. And right now the highs are controlling the lows She's so gone, she's so far away In a cold ass cell on the right side of heartbreak Just like the autumn leaves fall, April brings the rain Separation slices like a blade, but only generates the pain How could something so clear become so vein