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Conquest (The Sound of Arrows)

Take a look at us now the tide has turned We're gonna take it over Everything that once was lost is soon going to be won So this is our moment of truth I can almost feel it, touch it And when I've got it I will never let it go I'm gonna try my best and find a way on the conquest Building it in stone for centuries to come Mother will you have me blessed I'm obsessed with this conquest I will make them see that they were wrong The city had fallen, the sky was gold The war was almost over A new tomorrow, let's watch it unfold Yeah, I wanted to breather life into this A chance that I almost missed When letting my guard down, I was struck by a blow So I'll take a step back try it again Though we might be boys in a world of men I'm never gonna give it up, not now, not ever Will we rise or will we fail The look on your face said it all You know you want it You know you got it in you We've got to believe