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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Wonders (The Sound of Arrows)

Come out tonight are you ready to live Don't give it up, you've got much more to give The city is dead but the night is alive I still believe in this, don't let it die I will never forget, the day of the world When we were together, I long to return I will never forget, how you made me feel Come make me relive the wonders of that time Back when you were mine Late by the beach caught the last of the sun We were together, our lives had begun Wrote down a promise and threw it to sea Know that your secret is safe here with me You were always building me up Are you ready, build it back up In the distance, it's calling It's closing in on you What you're after, what you wanted Every time was something new Rest easy, you know it, all that we left behind Is out there, still waiting Somewhere back in time