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20 Centuries (Rootz Underground)

Stidly bap ba dap ba whoa –oh-no (3x) Nuff a dem paranoid, this I can’t figure yeh Truth made manifest from back inna the ancient days Now computer age, has got them in a rage Its 2 thousand years, we don’t have time to waste Now millennium has got them acting strange And mass suicide, it punctuate them fears I N I have no fear, just spreading truth and love again And then I man a say One day you will rise again. Stidly bap ba dap ba whoa –oh-no (3x) Now New world order, no mi nu fear Illuminati threats upon my life I know I just don’t care Its 2 thousand years, just make your path so straight And then I man a say, 1 day you will rise again In 1998 I saw the visions so clear I know it’s not too late We still got a little more time to pray But for now, I know No matter what the wicked say I’ll sing every day and chant them down in every way Stidly bap ba dap ba whoa –oh-no (3x) We slowly watch Babylon tumbling down, tumbling down Nuff ah dem paranoid This I can’t figure no way Truth made oh so clear from back inna the ancient day And now computer age has got them in a rage Its 2000 years and I don’t have time to waste See them walking down the street yeh with a rebel yell But yet the universe them living in is oh so parallel And now in desperation man now try to clone themselves Its 2000 years Don’t be no stack upon a shelf. HIM gimme talent fi dance HIM gimme talent fi play HIM gimme challenge to chant I know I burn dem down everyday Although sometimes it smooth by night and rocky in the days Is him gimme the talent fi bun fire pon all dem wicked ways JAH gimme talent to burn fire upon all the wicked men. (2x)