Annihilation Of Civilization (Evildead)

Christian mind control, brainwashing innocent souls, Teaching their own twisted fears, Baptism is final, confirming denial, of the reality We must deal with today, No one on this Earth can save us from this hell, We're only destroying ourselves, Religion gets its way, so God has his say, And the Holy propaganda is free He WHO IS! WHO IS! and is coming He shall put an end to your fear, On Earth, THE LIVING! THE DYING! Attain the destiny they've awaited for years The death plague wreaks havoc on Earth, A life put to death before birth, Deserts grow where Cities once thrived, No one on this Earth left alive The Rain that falls from the sky, turning toxic, The atmosphere is melting away, Disposing of nuclear waste in the sea, Children dying of starvation in the streets, APOCALYPSEREVELATIONS HUMAN RACEENDANGERED KIND He WHO IS! WHO WAS! not a savior No one can control this disease MESSIAH, BEHOLD! THE CHOSEN! Welcome to the world of the dead!!! SPECULATION! not needed the answer is here ANNIHILATION! Countries put to death by their fears CIVILIZED NATION! tis is what we create TERMINATION! designed to Annihilate We're killing ourselves, there's no need for help From Satan, of from God, or the tomb, The acid pollution, there is no solution The greenhouse effect taking place And wars will arise, the beast in disguise Necronomicon prophecies apply, An one civilized nation, now God's abomination Annihilating the entire Human race Hypocritical factions deny, as the truth stares them right in the eye, The powers we once fought to possess, destroy us in the final test THE LORD WHO HAS GIVEN HAS NOW ALSO TAKEN AWAY!!!