Future Shock (Evildead)

Fighting for what cause? To them it's unknown The sixties brought peace and love, with homage to Vietnam The seventies was Watergate, three-mile island the tragic fate The eighties we build our A.R.M.S., public scandals in Iran The nineties you can be assured, bombshelters for the weak and strong. Another bombong, another hijack, We'll never get our hostages back, brutal murders 'til the end Atomic safety, non-existant, Chernobyl's burning, We won't miss it...radioactivity in their brains Dumping toxics in the sea, Governmental heigharchy, Killing creatures, extinct breed... No emotions we must face, rise of the synthetic race Building empires - demonic power... The social class claims Democratic, slowly fading to phlegmatic Computers rule, now we panic... Prepared for battle, been sold for slaughter, Say goodbye to Son and Daughter, The Future; a dying matter... Want to live? The choice not yours, You've become prisoners of war, Apocalypse is now at hand... Inflicting torture unjust to Man, merciless killings, Throughout the Land, the holocaust - alive again... A call to arms Won't happen here With Afghanistan And Lybia Nuke'em all, make'em glow! The whore of the beast, ten horns from the East, Hail from the skies, cracking the Earth, The walls of the Cities, crumble to dust, The nations witness the final blast, Prophets of rage, in the last age, Maybe we'll learn from Human remains... [solo: Gonzales] The politicians' dug our grave, for mocking war our lives we gave, The time has passed to make some peace, the guilty minds now ruled by beasts', The World we know, does not exist, no sign of life, THE FUTURE SHOCK In Armageddon none survive, the Human race can't be revived. [solos: Gonzales, Garcia]