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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Memorandum (Glass Cloud)

You're not gonna like this The way it comes across the eye I'm not gonna fight you I'm just gonna open your mind You'll catch your death out there If you don't come inside There's no need To run and hide None the wiser Only real eyes realize What the lies are Realize from the start What the lies are I'm torn up inside from the sight of it Young man, I'm a messenger Yeah, a message that burns so slow But, oh what a breathtaking scene I'm not gonna fight you for it I'm not gonna fight you There's no need To run and hide I seldom dream of you A dream of you would shroud my perfect view I see clearly now Shine so vibrantly And stretch across the sky As man, We're just Pacing back and forth And walk between The memories that hang Across the earth I see clearly now