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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Manson Twins (Pajo David)

Little bitty bird with the flaxen hair Can I help you with the weight of the cross you bear Oh loveless love Soulmate wanted you wrote it on a sign But a house mate is what you're really itching to find Oh loveless love Never have I ever heard a single sound so sweet As the creaking of the step when it meets your feet Joined by the pressure of a heart in two and The loss of a lover that we thought so true Revenge is way of life these days Measured by the joy and the noise we raise Oh loveless love Up all night toot tooting on the horn Bitter that you got to go to work in the morn Oh loveless love Clink your glass and slap my hands Make a little vow that we'll always stay friends I'm dancing with the ladies while we're apart But I keep a little bird inside my heart You said "I like crazy dudes it's true But not that crazy and not that dude" Oh loveless love There's so many in the city but it's you I greet Hot steaming head for my lover to eat You're little boy blue I'm little bo peep Winking pink brownie cake eaten with greed Never feeling bad for the gluttonous deed We lost our minds and pulled the fuck through Little bitty bird I was hurt like you Revenge is a way of life these days Measured by the pleasure and the noise we raise Oh loveless love