Unquiet Grave (Pajo David)

The wind blew up the wind blew down It brought some drops of rain My own true love is only one And she in the grave has lain Ah weep your tear and make a moan As many a lover may And sit and grieve upon her grave For a season and a day And when the season's past and gone The fair young maid did say What man is weeping on my grave The night and most the day Tis I tis I my fair young love That can no longer sleep For want of a kiss of your darling lips The day and night I seek Cold clay I am my lips cold clay To kiss them would be wrong For if you go against god's law Your time will not be long See there see there the sun has set The day has past for e'er You cannot bring it back again By means foul or fair See there alas the garden green Where often we did walk The fairest flower that e'er was seen Is withered at the stalk Our own hearts too will die my love And like the stalk decay So all that you can do my love Is to wait your dying day